Civil Engineering Surveying Lab Experiments

Carry out Profile Leveling using Auto Level

Explanation in Class Room through Video Coverage



Simple addition and subtraction is used to determine the elevations of various points



Equipments Used

1. Auto Level with Tripod
2. Graduated Staff
3. Measuring Tape

Dos and Don'ts


  1. Center and level the base of Auto Level accurately.
  2. Crosshairs must be focused sharply.
  3. Keep the Backsight and Foresight distances nearly equal to compensate for collimation error, if any.
  4. Always take 3 or more observations of each point to take the average.
  5. Take sufficient number of observations at regular interval along and across the direction of survey, so as to represent the ground profile (Longitudinal and Cross-sectional) accurately.
  6. In Profile Levelling, use Height of Instrument Method for computation of RL's.
  7. Apply checks after computing RL's.
  8. Find closing error and distribute it.


  1. Handle the Auto Level with utmost care. If dropped accidently, it may damage compensator and digital display.
  2. If using aluminum staff, be away from electric poles, transformers and wires.
  3. While shifting the instrument from one station to another station, always keep it in box for transport.
  4. Protect the instrument from heavy rains.




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